Pinterest Project Party #1!

Hi Friends!

The time has come! A few weeks ago I announced we’d be having a monthly challenge to get off of our butts to work on a DIY project inspired by Pinterest (or anywhere else!). Today is the day to start linking up for this past month!

Here are the two projects I worked on this month:

Fun Bun! | Hey Love Designs

I Like Big Buns and I Cannot Lie + Felt Bow Tutorial

Folding Chair Makeover | Hey Love Designs

Folding Chair Makeover

Here’s how it works:

  • Scroll to the bottom of this link party to add your link.
  • You don’t need a blog to participate. You can point to any URL where an image of your project is housed, and if it’s someplace that people can comment on – great! If you really don’t have a place to post, you may post it on Hey Love Designs’ Facebook page and then link to the specific post.
  • Please only link to projects from this past month. Try to limit yourself to no more than 3 posts.
  • Share the love! Visit at least one other post in this link party and tell them how much you love their project!
  • We’re just starting out, so guidelines may change over time. I’m open to suggestions!
  • Be sure to link back to this post either with a text link or this button:

Monthly Pinterest Challenge with Hey Love Designs

<a href=”” title=”Join the Monthly Pinterest Challenge at Hey Love Designs”><img src=”” width=”300″ height=”174″ alt=”Join the Monthly Pinterest Challenge at Hey Love Designs”></a>


Now, go forth and link up! I’m so excited to see what everyone has linked up to. Don’t forget that this challenge does not just apply to crafty projects. It can be any idea you found on Pinterest or anywhere else around the web: a recipe, a home hack, a workout series, etc.

Submissions will close on December 7 and then I’ll do a roundup of some of my favorite projects. More blog love!

Thanks for playing along! So are you already thinking about what project you’ll be doing this month?