Get Crafty! Yarn Letters

Get Crafty! Yarn Letters

I first saw this idea last year or so on Hostess With the Mostess’s page (super cute party website, go check it out!) and sort of just kept it in my back pocket. Then with my obsession with Pinterest, I started seeing other variation of yarn letters pop up.

When it came time to plan a “sip ‘n’ see” party at my day job for Chloe and her new baby Lucy during their visit, I had to think of ways to decorate without being over the top (this is work, after all) but still make Chloe and Lucy feel special. Enter, yarn letters! Not only did Chloe love them but she liked that she could use them to decorate Lucy’s nursery (which she said has no theme since she just didn’t have time to put anything together).

You’ll find that making these is ridiculously easy and an inexpensive decorative item. Similar to the glitter letter I made for Remy’s superhero birthday party, this project uses the same giant cardboard letters that can be found at craft stores.

Get Crafty! Yarn Letters

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard letters
  • Yarn in color(s) of choice
  • Scissors
  • Tape or hot glue gun
  • Optional: Paint and brush, or spray paint

If you’d like to paint the letter, do that first. Allow time to dry before adding yarn. I personally like the look of the cardboard under the yarn, but painting is an option if you so desire.

Starting at the back of the letter, take the yarn and tape the end to the back. Alternately, you may use a hot glue gun for better security, but it may be messier. Then basically just wrap the yarn around the letter in all sorts of directions.

Get Crafty! Yarn Letters

Keep wrapping until you’ve achieved the amount of coverage you want. You can keep it pretty light like the picture above or go nuts and pile it on, like I did with Lucy’s letters. You can go in crazy directions like I did or keep it simple and wrap in the same direction throughout the whole letter (not shown). Please note that the more yarn you use to cover the letter, the harder it may be for the letter to stand up on its own. You may have to secure it with double sided tape to the table, shelf, wherever you will end up placing it.

Once you’re done, make sure the end of the yarn is at the back of the letter, cut it and secure it with tape or glue. Viola!

Get Crafty! Yarn Letters


    • says

      Lisa, I found mine specifically at Joann’s but they should be available at most craft stores. If not cardboard letters then wood ones will work too.


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