Heart Shaped Whoopie Pies … and a 30th Anniversary Celebration

I’m such a lucky girl to have amazing parents, and those parents just also happened to reach 30 years of marriage last week. So when we decided to have a small family celebration this past Sunday, I knew I wanted to do something special for them.

Dilemma: With my new crazy schedule at my full time job, it left for very little brain energy to plan, and even less time to execute.

Solution: I decided to make a small sweets table and adorn it with love from over the years. And throw in a little bit of Valentines Day fun since it was so close.

I made these heart shaped whoopie pies, and they were easy to make, turned out fantastic (minus a few blobby hearts) and were a hit. I also made sure to follow the directions exactly, since I had a cookie-related disaster the day before trying to use dairy ingredients in a vegan recipe. Don’t mix your recipes, friends.

H & C 30th Anniversary

Not to waste the buttermilk I had bought for the pies, I made these buttermilk vanilla cupcakes and used the rest of the cream cheese frosting from the whoopie pies.

H & C 30th Anniversary

H & C 30th Anniversary

Man, I haven’t made non-vegan cupcakes in years!

H & C 30th Anniversary

I scoured my online photo collection to find any photos I could of my parents, loaded it onto a flash drive and took it over to Target to print. I love how fast it is to just pick your photos and print them. While I was there I picked up a few red and white picture frames, and of course I had to pick a Valentine’s Day themed one. I love Valentine’s Day stuff!

In the end, the spread turned out fantastic!

H & C 30th Anniversary

My dad thought it was a brilliant idea to arrange the whoopie pies into a heart shape. Silly dad.

H & C 30th Anniversary

Overall the party was a blast and the sweets were enjoyed by all. This post is living proof that anyone can throw together a fun party idea in just a few hours.

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