#10daysofparty Calligraphy Challenge on Instagram

10 Days of Party Calligraphy Challenge on Instagram | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! I'm still settling into San Diego while doing a LOT of sight seeing. I did my first grown up trip to Disneyland and it was so much better than when I went around 13-14 years old! I definitely was able to appreciate everything about it and was there for ME. When I was younger my whole M.O. was "oh, I'm just hear for my little brothers. We're here for THEM. I'm cool." Haha! I was such … [Read More...]

Road Tripping from Virginia to California


Hi Friends! I have arrived in San Diego in one piece! I'm working on a post on how to move across the country in your car, but for now, enjoy some of my favorite pics from the road. We left Northern Virginia early Tuesday morning with my car all packed up. Mom encouraged me to take a selfie. How does she know what that word means? I'm in the back seat with the seat next to me folded … [Read More...]

Guest Post: Table Setting Ideas for the Holidays

Designed for Life Guest Post for Hey Love Designs

Hi, friends! I'm currently driving across the country and sharing my adventures via Instagram. In the meantime, please enjoy this guest post from Myrline Delva from Designed for Life who hails all the way from Australia! I absolutely love these ideas she has for holiday table decor and hope you feel inspired to brighten up your table for the holidays. * * * Hello, Hey Love Designs readers! I’m … [Read More...]

November Snapshots

Nico is sad to be moving out | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! Posting will be a lot lighter than normal over the next few weeks. I'm driving to California next week! I'll pop in with a post when I can, but I'll resume regular posting once I'm settled in San Diego. For now, enjoy some snapshots from this past month. :) Riley was my last DogVacay guest for a long time. I've loved being able to host so many dogs in my home and give Nico … [Read More...]

Free Floral Watercolor Thanksgiving Food or Place Cards Printable

Hey Love Designs Thanksgiving Food or Place Cards

Hi Friends! I know I run the risk of no one seeing this before Thanksgiving since it's Wednesday afternoon, but in case you're a last minute person like I am (and strangely, also a planner), it's not too late to spruce up your Thanksgiving table or buffet! I designed these to match the Thanksgiving sign I posted about last week and to help highlight what foods we'll have at our Thanksgiving … [Read More...]

Friday Favorites Link Up #8

Hey Love Designs Friday Favorites Link Up

Hi Friends! Today is my last day at my temp job and it's bittersweet. I've had the pleasure of serving on the community relations team for a huge company and I worked with such an awesome group of people. But now I'm ready for the next stage in my life! I also have a fun social weekend which is much needed after working so hard the last two weekends moving out of, cleaning, and painting my … [Read More...]

Calligraphy Thanksgiving Banner

Thanksgiving Banner | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! I think we've established that I really like banners. From bridal shower letters to tissue and fabric tassels. If I can put it on a string, I will put it out for decoration. For Thanksgiving I wanted to keep things in natural tones so I decided to take "4 bar" card stock from Paper Source in "Paper Bag" color and cut "tails" in them to make them more fun. If you know the real … [Read More...]

Free Thanksgiving Printable Sign

Free Printable: Thanksgiving Sign - Giving Thanks | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! I think I'm a pretty good cook, however compared to my mom, it's no contest. Actually, I'm not even trying to compete with her but it's clear that every Thanksgiving, no one cares about what I make. They're not being mean. I usually try to make something creative or healthy and I've finally learned what the people want: traditional food! And more specifically: mom's food! Many years … [Read More...]

Friday Favorites Link Party #7

Hey Love Designs Friday Favorites Link Up

Hi Friends! Man, what a crazy week it has been. I mentioned that I moved back home over the weekend before I transition to San Diego. I'm adjusting to living with lots of people again after spending so many years on my own. There's a lot I have to get used to! All right, here's what I'm loving this week: Someone else is doing the cooking! Extra help taking care of Nico. He's low … [Read More...]

Back to Home

Home Sweet Home | Hey Love Designs: Desk Doodles

Hi Friends! This weekend was bittersweet. I moved out of my condo and back in with my parents. It all happened so fast and I can't imagine how I managed to have an entire home's worth of junk all cleared to an empty space. I reflected a lot of Friday evening as it was my last night sleeping there. This was my home for seven years. There have been so many memories made in this home: … [Read More...]