Get Crafty: Washi Tape Clipboard

Get Crafty! Washi Tape Clipboard | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! I'm starting to get more settled into my new job and while that means less time working on Hey Love Designs, I'm still itching to be crafty! One thing we all use a lot in my new office is clipboards. I know there are a ton of cute ones out there (I even consulted my friends to see where they got theirs) but in the end I did what I always do, attempt to DIY one. (Then buy one if … [Read More...]

Streamlining Your Process

Washi Tape from Cute Tape | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! Have you ever had to tweak the way you to do things to be more efficient? I'm starting to get into the groove with the new job but with the potential for late nights at the office or evening events, my time working on Etsy orders isn't nearly as predictable. I also have found that I might be sending orders to my printer 4 days in a row which isn't very efficient plus I ended up with … [Read More...]

If I Had $100…. Etsy Link Up

If I Had a Hundred Dollars | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! One of my blog buddies, Allyce of Anchors the Soul, is hosting a fun link up and I thought I'd play along! Twice a month she scours Etsy to share what she'd spend $100. I think it's a great way of promoting fellow Etsy sellers and also see what everyone would spend their money on! 001. Make it Happen Calligraphy Print - $20 002. Yellow Bow Shoe Clips - $12 003. Beagle … [Read More...]

My First Stitchfix Box!

My First Stitchfix Box | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! I've surfaced from the elusive land of the New Job Craziness to tell you about fun mail! Mary El of Cupcakes and Shoes often talks about Stitchfix - a personal shopping service delivered right to your door - and I have to admit, the outfits she was getting were so great! Since I was starting a new job, I was motivated to sign up for my first box! Basically you sign up, fill … [Read More...]

March DIY Link Up

Hey Love Designs Monthly DIY Link Party

Hi Friends, It’s time to show and tell! Did you DIY something awesome this month? Please link up below! My craftiness was a bit light this week, but I did share the cards I made for the Valentine's Snail Mail Exchange. Now it's your turn! <div class="Hey Love Designs Monthly DIY Link Party" style="width: 300px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a … [Read More...]

Happy Weekend + Sponsor Shoutout

Happy Weekend | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends, I'm alive! I'm currently enjoying 5 days of unemployment. I quit my job of over 9 years and am about to start a brand new career path on Monday! So needless to say, I haven't been around much as transitioning out of the old job took a lot out of me. I did want to pop in and give my awesome sponsors and ad swappers a shout out. Here are some of my favorite posts of theirs from … [Read More...]

Don’t Work Yourself Up

Don't Work Yourself Up | Hey Love Designs

Hi friends! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am alive. Things are just a little crazy now. Long story short - I got a new job! I'm currently transitioning out of the job I've had for over 9 years. That's a long time! My days are spent teaching everything I can possibly teach my replacement and my nights are, well, emotional. I can usually handle stress but unbelievably … [Read More...]

Valentine’s Day Snail Mail Exchange Link Up!

Valentine's Day Snail Mail Exchange Cards | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! I really need to think up a shorter title for this exchange, don't I? If you're participating in my snail mail exchange for Valentine's Day, here is the spot to link up! I'm really excited to get cards in the mail and hearing everyone else talk about sending and receiving cards has been so exciting! I already got one from the UK but the envelope explicitly asks me to wait to open … [Read More...]

How to “Treat Yo’self” This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! Whether you're in a relationship or flying solo this Valentine's Day, there's a really simple way to enjoy the holiday. Treat yo' self! I've been single for nearly every Valentine's Day so I've learned to just embrace the holiday. There's no bitterness, no scorn, no negativity. I treat Valentine's Day as a day to just take care of ME. Sure, I can do this any day of the year … [Read More...]

Happy Weekend!

Hi Friends! Does anyone else feel like it's been Tuesday every single day this week? I still haven't come to terms that today is Friday. This weekend will be a little more low key than last weekend: I've got a playdate at the dance studio tonight, winery with friends tomorrow, and then I'm celebrating my parents' anniversary Sunday evening. I know that still sounds busy, but I can assure you … [Read More...]